About Sarah and October Always

Hello, I’m Sarah and the writer of “October Always”. I’m so glad you’re here. This space is carved out for my words, thoughts, reflections, and memories. It’s the place I come to record the beautiful, the difficult, the small, the momentous.

Eight years ago I promised my life to the kindest man in the world. Together we have four sons, five years old and under.

I pray this place will always be to me and those who stop and settle for awhile,  a place that sees God in all our moments. I pray it’s a place that fights for the Grace in the hard. I hope it’s a place that anticipates gentle change in season and soul. A place where it is October always.  


1 thought on “About Sarah and October Always”

  1. Hi Sarah, came across from (in)courage today. I couldn’t help but visit, since I also had four boys in 5 years! My eldest will turn 12 this year (amazing!). I remember well how overwhelming the early years were for me, and still are much of the time! I really enjoyed reading some of your blogs, and also love the title and images. Blessings to you and your boys, Pauline

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